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We are THRILLED to be hosting the first ever edition of Quick Queer Meet-Cutes during Peterborough Pride 2016! We have partnered with Black Honey, LGBTQ* Friendly Cafe District hot spot full to the brim with delicious goodies and beverages! Check them out online at or on twitter: @bhcoffeegirls or @blackhoneycake


Scenario in which two individuals are brought together in some unlikely, zany, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way (the more unusual, the better).

Quick Queer Meet-Cutes is a speed-dating style networking event for local queers aged 18+ looking for romance, friendship and everything in between.

How does it work?

For those who have not pre-registered for this event, registration will begin at 6PM. We take your name and email address, in exchange for a numbered name tag and a Match Card. 

Once everyone has registered, it's time to find your starting position in the cafe by matching the number on your name tag to the numbers on the tables. Once the bell rings, each pairing has 3-5 minutes (depending on number of attendees) to get to know their table-mate/possible future lover/friend.

We at DoYouKnowEllen? know that making conversation with strangers can be pretty nerve wracking, so each table will have discussion topics available to help you out ;)   

After each Meet-Cute, a decision needs to be made and noted on your Match Card provided: would you like to date or befriend (or neither) the person you just met? Mark it down and move to your next position, exactly one seat to the right of where you were previously seated.

Unlike a hetero-centric round of speed dating, where all of Group A (men) are set to meet all of Group B (women), everyone at Quick Queer Meet-Cutes needs to meet everyone! In order for this to work, the movement needs to be chain-like. At two designated points in the rotation -- these tables will be clearly marked -- instead of moving one seat over to the next table, you will move to the seat opposite from you at the same table, then carry on moving to the right. 

We know it sounds complicated, but do not panic! All of the tables will be marked with arrows to make this as simple as possible during the event and the organizers will be ushering attendees along until everyone get the hang of it. 

At the end of the night, all of the Match Cards are collected, the information compiled, and then matches are sent out via email. 

Names and email addresses will only be exchanged when: 

  • Both select Date
  • Both select Friendship
  • One selects Date and the other selects Friendship 

What happens if you choose date and they choose friendship?

Both parties will be notified of a Friendship match. That way we save you the embarrassment of being friend-zoned, while still giving the two of you the chance to connect as friends. Then, the rest is up to fate ;) 

Members of will receive their Meet-Cute match results within 3 days of the event (otherwise, within 7 days). So, if you're eager to get your matches ASAP, be sure to sign up for the site! It's FREE, and you can do that here.  

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