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About Us

Founded February 14, 2014 | Missed Connections for Homosexuelles

DoYouKnowEllen? was created out of a need to simplify the way queer ladies see and meet one another. Online dating sites are great, but they’re not for everyone. They help you find girls in your area who fit your match criteria, but they don’t help you connect with the girls you see while out and about.

DoYouKnowEllen? aims to facilitate connections between queer ladies who perhaps can’t tell if the tatted-up barista at their favorite coffee house or the pixie-haired ticket taker at their local cinema plays for their team. 

As a feminine presenting lesbian, I have struggled with femme invisibility. I can be out at a LGBTQ* event and still not be recognized by members of the community. I know I’m not the only one affected by this, and thats why I decided to create DoYouKnowEllen?

Originally inspired by Ellen Degeneres, the most famous celesbian, the site’s inception also lines up with the date Ellen Page finally came out to the world her in keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Time to Thrive Conference.

It’s also a clever little acronym ;)

Here’s how it works:

Use hashtag #DoYouKnowEllen on Facebook and Twitter to send out a social media shout out to the apple of your eye. She might see it, be totally flattered and message back! 

For tips on how to increase your chances of making a connection, check out our blog

Here's to no more missed connections!

Mélanie Dubois  



Our Mission

To facilitate the making of connection, be they romantic or friendly, between lesbian/queer cis or trans women. 

To create a safe, positive, supportive space online for queer cis or trans women to share their experiences and make connections with other lesbian/queer cis or trans women. 

To encourage open discussion amongst our members as well as other queer cis or trans women about town. 

To offer exciting social opportunities for queer cis or trans women to connect offline. 

To advocate and represent lesbian/queer culture and to create homo-normative spaces in which we can be fully ourselves, among our peers. 

To uphold each and every one of our core values in every article, every image, every piece of media, everything uploaded to the site or to our affiliated social media sites, as well as though our interactions with the community through our events. 

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Please Note

Abbreviation LGBTQ* may be used throughout the site to represent LGBPTTQQIIAA+

Individual article writers will self-identify as well as use their preferred gender pronouns as they see fit. We hope that the individual experiences of our content producers will be unique and yet relatable. If you don't see yourself represented on this site, please get in touch with us and share your experiences with the community. 

Fully aware of the fact that not all people are comfortable discussing matters regarding their sexuality publicly, this space represents a forum for those matters to be discussed openly. And not everything has to be about our sexuality. As a sub-sector of the larger LGBTQ* community, we also have our own unique culture (fashion, media, literature, customs, etc.) This site and our events are safe spaces where we can be all of the parts of ourselves, together

While the site and it's ancillary branches will primarily run on a for us by us model, DoYouKnowEllen? also welcomes input from allies, since we firmly believe that one does not have to identify in order to sympathize. The experiences of LGBTQ* individuals are often shared by the people closest to them, be they friends, family, colleagues, classmates, etc. and so we want to hear from you as well. 

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